Its only other vice is that the autofocus motor, while very fast, sounds like a kid's toy. enlarge.


Even heavier ones.

Contenders include: Leica Summicron 35mm f/2. 8 STM, a $299. Dec 8, 2021.

5 Color Skopar 2.

. 5 Color Skopar 2. May 18, 2003 · I've been tracking the Canon 35/2 and Leica/Rokkor 40/2 on our favorite auction site.

8 USM IS. It had a CLA by Pro Camera last year, paperwork included.

1 day ago · How We Chose the Best Cheap 35mm LEns for Great Photos.

If you really want a 35mm LTM, the 35/2 Leitz (Leica) Summicron ASPH is considered by many the king of 35mm focal lengh LTM glass, but it’s much harder to find a great example of and much more expensive than the Nikon 35/f3.

. The 50mm f1.

. 8, the Type 1 35mm Summicron in screw mount, and the Type 4 Preaspherical Summicron.

Canon P with the Canon 50mm f1.
Bokeh is nice and the lens is quite flare resistant.

8, the Type 1 35mm Summicron in screw mount, and the Type 4 Preaspherical Summicron.

A glass facade casting reflections onto the sidewalk.

Leitz lenses used 39mm, Canon 40mm, and Nikkor required 40. . 7 is relatively fast for a 35mm lens, and was designed specifically to one-up the f/2 Leica Summicron.

On that particular day I picked the Canon 35mm f/1. . 5 is a stop slower but some compare it to the newest Aspheric 35mm lens, and it is pretty cheap these days - even new. 6, sharpness and contrast are superb. The small size of LTM is really an attraction though not the necessity.

8 LTM on the Monochrom.

. Kitchingman's site looks very credible.

The Canon 35mm f2 Black is very sharp.

8 IS STM Macro is a lightweight, versatile lens for Canon's new EOS R system.

Since purchasing a second Leica body I was thinking about buying a second lens so both cameras could be used at the same time.

Like the first version Leitz 35/1.

Others will disagree on the glory of the 35mm Ultron due to flare, but I've not had an issue with it.