Princess: An adorable name for a sweet and. Bartolome Ozonas / E+ via Getty Images.

Bartolome Ozonas / E+ via Getty Images.

Get creative.

. 29. Skittles – meaning funny and adorable name for you sweet hamster.

Duffy: A great name for a cuddly and lovable hamster.

Fresco – meaning “fresh”. Get creative. Jun 12, 2019 · Choosing cute hamster names can leave you spoilt for choice.

It might involve carrots. Don’t be afraid to come up with a unique and original name.

Jasper: A perfect name for a handsome and dapper hamster.


It’s funny that. Tilly.

Cute Hippo Names Generator. Choosing a pair of boy dwarf hamster names is even easier with this list of iconic ideas! Ant and Dec.

Cinder Ella.
So whether you’re looking for something cute, funny, cartoony or unique, The Dodo’s got you covered.



. Furthermore, it sounds so cute and fuzzy and has a nice ring to it. .

This is a Chinese name and it means long life; a hamster’s life span is three years at most, hence, Tao becomes a funny name for your rodent. Furby. Bacon and Eggs. yeah. Our personality, passions, and profession also influence the names we give to our hamsters.

It’s funny that.

There is a Japanese proverb that says “where there is laughter happiness likes to be. 55 of the best funny hamster names are: Hamburger.

There is an endless number of categories in which you can look for a hamster name, but we’ve listed some of our favorites here.

Not your typical go-to hamster name, but it fits perfectly once you consider wild hamsters fave place to snooze: underground in burrows.

Here are fourteen of our favorite names for the smallest of hamsters.