Enable developer mode on Windows.

Method #1: Install custom WSA with Gapps and Play Store pre-installed. .

After rebooting, rerun Install.

Feb 1, 2022 · Mod the unpacked WSA instance as necessary.

The best part is that it's all automated (with GitHub actions), so you just need to head to Actions tab, select the latest workflow and then you can download WSA as zip (x64 and arm64). . 选择是否安装 GApps 选择要安装的 GApps 版本(一般选择 OpenGApps,MindTheGapps 没用过所以不选(硬核)) 如果你需要选择 OpenGApps 的版本,请参阅 Wiki 选择是否保留亚马逊应用商店 选择是否进行 Root,none 为否 选择是否将构建的 WSA 进行压缩.


Copy and paste the C:\GAppsWSA\#GAPPS\ path and click the OK button. zip file. Step 2: Preparing Windows Subsystem for Android for patching.

Install Magisk and GApps easily with few steps. img.

Introduction: KernelSU A kernel-based root solution for Android.

There is no other variant we can choose.

Go to the Action tab in your forked repo. .

. More info and links here →https://kil0bit.

WSA-Kernel-SU and kernel-assisted.
Mar 8, 2022 · Star (if you like) and fork this repo.

By default it has magisk canary.


Choose which brand of GApps you want to install: OpenGApps. Input the download link of Magisk and select the OpenGApps variant (none is no OpenGApps) you like, select the root solution (none means no root) and click Run. MindTheGapps.

MagiskHide - Magisk's root-hiding component - since 2 years no longer works hecause MagiskHide reached end-of-life. When you're finished, run the repack. Ideally, you need to build your own WSA with Magisk and Gapps from the MagiskOnWSA or MagiskOnWSALocal project by LSPosed. A simpler way to get Google Apps and Google Play Store with WSA is by using a pre-modified WSA that has the Gapps pre-installed. Select all the files in the location. Choose which brand of GApps you want to install: OpenGApps.


. zip (839M) If you download this you can skip the Linux steps and jump right to the run.


By default it has magisk canary address.

Center: App Launcher, Apps.


For example, you can now apply the WSA GApps Script on the Windows Subsystem for Android installer.